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Next departure from GB to CZE and SVK: Tuesday - 10.11.2020,

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deadline: 05.11.2020, 08:30:00 - Thursday, collection: Friday 06.11.2020 to Monday 09.11.2020, delivery: from 13.11.2020 - Friday


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Quote calculator

The quote calculator will provide an ESTIMATED price for your shipment. The exact price will depend on the exact weight of the shipment.

For shipments from the UK to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we determine the exact weight when we accept the shipment from the sender. For shipments to the UK, we determine the weight after the shipment is received at our London warehouse.

This quotation can be used only for standard items such as boxes, suitcases, bags and plastic boxes, where the price depends on the weight. For non-standard items such as mattresses, chairs, bicycles, etc., where the price is fixed rather than weight-dependent, we recommend determining the price based on our price list or by contacting us by phone or email.

Price quotation for shipment from the UK to the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Price quotation for shipment from the Czech Republic or Slovakia to the UK.

If you need your package picked up somewhere outside of our service area, please contact us via email at info@dolphi-transport.com or by phone on 0845 468 4197, and we will work up an individualised quote for you.

We will be happy to provide a quote based on your requirements for our other services, such as whole-vehicle transport, storage or fulfilment. Please contact us at quotation@dolphi-transport.com.