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Next departure from GB to CZE and SVK: Tuesday - 10.11.2020,

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deadline: 05.11.2020, 08:30:00 - Thursday, collection: Friday 06.11.2020 to Monday 09.11.2020, delivery: from 13.11.2020 - Friday


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Our services

1. Parcel delivery between GB, CZE and SVK

Our shipping system is similar to those used by all established shipping companies. A number of small vehicles pick up shipments from senders, one or two trucks carry them to the depot in the destination country and smaller vehicles make deliveries to the customers.

This system enables us to transport a practically unlimited number of shipments, so we never need to refuse a customer because we are full.

We ship almost everything, from small parcels through auto parts, furniture and bicycles up to multi-pallet shipments.

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2. Relocation between GB, CZE and SVK

Our moving service is suitable for anyone needing to move house and their personal items from one country to another.

The great majority of the moves we carry out are on the order of hundreds kilos. We use a system where we place everything we can on pallets, depending on the items' dimensions and weight. This provides for better handling and safety for the items being shipped.

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3. Package forwarding from GB to CZE and SVK

Among Czech and Slovak users, shopping online at UK e-shops is ever more popular, both for the much better prices and the incomparably wider selection of goods.

Many vendors refuse to ship outside the UK, rendering those goods inaccessible. We help solve this problem by leasing UK addresses to Czech and Slovak residents interested in purchasing from UK e-shops. Your orders are delivered to your UK address and then we deliver them to your real address in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Unlike purchases from the US, no customs duty or VAT applies to goods from the UK, since EU membership guarantees us the free movement of goods. Thus, purchases in the UK are even more affordable than those from the US.

The best known and most popular e-shops include www.amazon.co.uk and the auction portal www.eBay.co.uk, where you can buy almost anything.

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4. Boxes and packaging boxes, parcel tapes, covers ...

A properly packed shipment is the top priority for trouble-free shipping. For those customers unable to obtain adequate packing materials for whatever reason, we offer the option of buying cardboard boxes, wrapping materials and adhesive tape from us.

You can purchase packing materials in our e-shop and have them delivered in advance, or buy cardboard boxes directly from our driver at pick-up time.

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5. Other services full load transport, storage, fulfilment ...

Through our network of partners, we are able to secure almost any type of vehicle for shipments between the UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia, from 3.5-tonne vans all the way up to 40-tonne trucks.

If you need secure storage space, we offer the option of storing your goods or personal items at our warehouses in the UK.

We offer distribution assistance to Czech and Slovak firms considering selling their products in the UK.

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