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Next departure from GB to CZE and SVK: Tuesday - 03.10.2017,

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deadline: 28.09.2017, 08:30:00 - Thursday, collection: Friday 29.09.2017 to Monday 02.10.2017, delivery: from 06.10.2017 - Friday


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Testimonials (3417 references in total)

3417. Pavla Dohnalová,

order num. GB61023BS27

23-09-2017, 10:03:39

Jsem velmi spokojena, děkuji

3416. Pavla Dohnalová,

order num. GB61041RH4

23-09-2017, 10:03:09

Perfektní služba

3415. Jean-Pierre Clegg,

order num. GB60980RG19

22-09-2017, 19:34:03

Well packed but communication could have been better. Packages were not picked up on schedule and Dolphi never called or e-mailed to offer an explanation. Had to eventually call myself for some info.

3414. Kateřina Kotyzová,

order num. GB60620RG42

19-09-2017, 10:36:08

Až na komunikaci s dispečerkou v UK vše proběhlo bez problémů, termín doručení byl dodržen a vše dorazilo v naprostém pořádku. Využili jsme standardní tarif přepravy a byli jsme naprosto spokojeni.

3413. David Čermák,

order num. GB61012SL4

18-09-2017, 21:40:36

Vše super. Děkuji

3412. Katarina Oroszova,

order num. GB60753GU2

18-09-2017, 19:54:07

Highly recommend.Very good service, used service quite a few times for sending parcels to family overseas. Always collected on time. Drivers are very friendly and helpful

3411. Pavla Dohnalová,

order num. GB60606RH2

17-09-2017, 19:01:54

Perfektní služby, děkuji

3410. Pavla Dohnalová,

order num. GB60666DY3

17-09-2017, 19:01:29

Maximální spokojenost

3409. Igor Ondruška,

order num. GB60800NN12

13-09-2017, 14:07:03

Hi ! Thanks for your great service . See you soon again Igor

3408. Dana Magyarova,

order num. GB60942KT16

13-09-2017, 09:34:20

Vsetko prebehlo vyborne ,boli sme velmi spokojny.