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Next departure from GB to CZE and SVK: Tuesday - 14.07.2020,

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deadline: 09.07.2020, 08:30:00 - Thursday, collection: Friday 10.07.2020 to Monday 13.07.2020, delivery: from 17.07.2020 - Friday


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Testimonials (4089 references in total)

4089. andrea hartlova,

order num. GB75590NW2

30-06-2020, 11:23:07

Good morning, i have mentioned this to you on few occasion in the past, i am your regular customer and i am happy with the UK service. The problem is inCR. they never come how they say, or dont come

4088. abbas merzouk,

order num. GB75485E6

27-06-2020, 21:03:09

We fully trust Dolphi transport with our possessions year in year out,we've never had any issues what's so ever, peace of mind is guaranteed and that is why we do not hesitate to fully recommend them.

4087. Renata Hlavsova,

order num. GB75597BN10

27-06-2020, 11:23:01

Superb jako vzdycky,6 hvezdicek!Spolehlivost a profesionalita.Prijemny a ochotny pan ridic Pavel v UK,rozvoz firmou TopTrans v CZ take A1.Mockrat diky vam vsem a jen same spokojene zakazniky!

4086. Tomas Skladany,

order num. GB75613N14

27-06-2020, 10:20:00

Velmi spokojny, odporucam

4085. Katerina Kudrlickova,

order num. GB75609N15

27-06-2020, 08:27:32

Bylo by fajn, kdyby bylo na vyber vice variant dni a casu, kdy bude zasilka vyzvednuta. Jinak spokojenost. Urcite vyuziji znovu.

4084. Jana Cizmarikova,

order num. GB75617RG12

27-06-2020, 07:22:13

Great, reliable service as usual. I will be back.

4083. Jane Dunn,

order num. GB74046TN17

25-06-2020, 17:16:42

Such a fabulous service thank you so much So reasonable Emails answered very quickly.Well packed everything arrived safely... heavy items unloaded into place.Big thank you from me

4082. Katerina Faltinova,

order num. GB75419WD23

22-06-2020, 12:02:26

Super service jak z UK strany tak i z Ceske strany!!!100% komunikace,brzy opet vyuziji!!!Mooooc dekuji!

4081. Katerina Faltinova,

order num. GB75375WD23

22-06-2020, 11:59:49

Super service jak z UK strany,tak I z Ceske strany!!100% komunikace,Opet brzy vyuziji!!!!

4080. Zuzana Vlachouli,

order num. GB75489UB7

20-06-2020, 22:34:58

Celkovo velmi spokojna.Rychly zakaznicky servis,velmi som uvitala ponuku zabalenia zasielky na sklade,casovy slot vyzdvihnutia zásielky,Dostupne ceny a rýchlosť servisu. Odporucam a urcite opat vyuzij