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Expres delivery between GB, CZE and SVK

Transport of consignments in cooperation with the DPD courier. Shipments can be picked up from all over the UK and delivered anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With this service, we transport exclusively cardboard boxes with a maximum weight of 30 kg. The maximum length of the box must not exceed 175cm and the circumference of the shipment + length must not exceed 300cm. Shipments can be picked up on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

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Relocation from GB to CZE and SVK

Our moving service is suitable for anyone needing to move house and their personal items from one country to another.

The system we use is different than that of most moving companies. Because we try to offer our services as affordably as possible and because our drivers work alone, we need the customer's help.

Before loading onto the vehicle, our driver will weigh all of the items to be moved. They will then be received the same day at our warehouse, and all items whose dimensions permit will be safely loaded onto pallets.

The pallet is then dispatched to the recipient, where they are lowered off the vehicle using a hydraulic lift. Once again, the customer's assistance is required as the driver is only required to deliver the pallet past the first lockable door.

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Package forwarding from GB to CZE and SVK

Many vendors refuse to ship outside the UK, rendering those goods inaccessible. We help solve this problem by leasing UK addresses to Czech and Slovak residents interested in purchasing from UK e-shops. Your orders are delivered to your UK address and then we deliver them to your real address in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

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Parcel delivery from GB to CZE/SVK

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About us

10 reasons to ship with us

We are a UK company specialising in low-cost transport of almost all kinds of shipments between the UK, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have been in the shipping business since 2007, and after nearly a year of experimentation and searching for the most optimal method of transport we began using the same system that all of the big, global shippers use.

  • The only low-cost shipper with regular, weekly departures from the UK.
  • We pick up shipments in the UK when it's easy for most customers to be available: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 8:00am and 10:00pm.
  • We deliver shipments to the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the date the customer selects.
  • You can track your shipment throughout its journey on our website or at our partner's website.
  • We pick up shipments directly from the customer's address and deliver them anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.
  • Regular customers are eligible for discounts based on the weight shipped and the frequency of shipments.
  • We offer five payment methods, including via debit and credit cards.
  • We deliver shipments on the third day after they are dispatched from the UK, or when the customer requests.
  • We transport almost any kind of shipment, from small parcels through multi-pallet shipments, building materials and oversize shipments.
  • With few exceptions, we calculate our prices based on shipment weight, not volume. Prices per kilogram start at £0.83.