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Shipping information before Christmas 2021

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Shipping information before Christmas 2021


UPDATE 26.11.2021: Parcelforce, the company we cooperate with for parcel delivery, unfortunately is not able to deliver parcels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on time, so now before Christmas we started to cooperate with UPS, which is still able to deliver parcels in about 7 days. But unfortunately at a higher price than it is with Parcelforce.

This year we are facing our first Christmas after Brexit. What will this mean for parcel shipping? Four important changes:

  1. Shipments need to be sent significantly earlier than in previous years. This is due to the clearance of shipments, which takes some time. So don't wait until the last minute, you run the risk of your parcels not arriving by Christmas. We recommend that shipments be sent no later than November 30, 2021.
  2. To create an order, you must know the contents of the shipment in advance. It is no longer possible to create an order ahead of time with the description "gifts" and then wrap what you bought at the last minute in a package. At the moment of creating the order, you need to know exactly the items that will be in the package, the weight of the package and its dimensions. No additional changes will be possible and the shipment will be cleared with the items you specify in the order. If the contents of the parcel do not match the declaration, the parcel may not be cleared in time to be delivered before Christmas.
  3. If you declare a value of more than £39, the recipient of the parcel will have to pay what is known as a customs debt (in this case VAT only), if the value is more than £135, the recipient will have to pay customs duty in addition to the VAT (if the origin of the goods is other than the EU or the UK), plus the recipient will be made aware of the parcel's contents thanks to the customs clearance process. Consider therefore quoting a value of less than £39 as a value of more than £39 would mean that the recipient will already be aware of the contents of the Christmas gifts when the shipment is cleared and in addition will have to pay any customs debt, which is probably not appropriate for Christmas gifts.
  4. We cannot control how long the shipment will take. This is because once the parcel arrives in the destination country (CR/SR) - which is always only a couple of days, any parcel needs to be cleared. And that is completely out of our control. It always depends on the speed of the customs administration and the cooperation of the consignee. If the consignee will be asked by the customs administration to prove some documents, it will depend on the speed with which the consignee will be able to prove everything. And there is nothing we can do to control that.

For all of the above reasons, it therefore follows that parcels should be sent as soon as possible and ideally with a parcel value of less than £39.

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