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First of all, it's the way we transport shipments. Many imagine transport firms using a single vehicle which comes to pick up your shipment, and that the same vehicle then delivers it in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

That's not how we work, fortunately. We employ four drivers in the UK who collect and deliver your shipments using several vehicles. Then, all of the shipments are hauled on trucks to the Czech Republic, from where they are delivered right to your door anywhere in the CZE/SVK with the help of our partner company.

We have 1100 sq. ft. of warehouse space in the UK (and we can increase it as needed), plus offices staffed by two to three employees on working days between 9:00am and 5:30pm.

We operate on the principle that a successful business can only be built in the long term through integrity. Therefore, we ensure that all of our scales are regularly calibrated so that all of our vehicles have the correct insurance cover (goods transport for hire) and that the goods themselves are properly insured. We are required by law to maintain public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.

Yes. Shipments are picked up from behind the first lockable door at the loading location and delivered to behind the first lockable door at the drop-off location.

Unfortunately, not quite everything. Like every transport company, we have limitations on what we are allowed to carry, and on what we can carry only on the condition that the items are not insured. You will find a current and accurate list of those items in our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately not. Alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited through our service, and those who attempt to send them despite being warned are subject to fines.

That depends on the nature of the shipment. In most casts, the rigid cardboard boxes are the best packing method. You can find recommendations on how to pack your shipment well on our "How to pack properly" page.

It's not required, but we recommend doing so.

We collect shipments only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays between 8:00am and around 10:00pm, though only until around 4:00pm on Mondays.

Not at the moment, unfortunately. We pick up between 130 and 160 shipments per week, and with that quantity we are not able to guarantee that our driver would come to you at the time you specify. However, we do try to adapt to your schedule, since it's clearly in our interest to meet you and collect your shipment.

In that case, we will work with you to find a solution so that we can pick up your shipment. We will try to find another suitable collection time, request that you ask a friend or neighbour to hand over the shipment, ask if we can collect it from your workplace, or in extreme cases we will have to move the collection time to the next interval.

That's to protect the health of our staff. Under our conditions of carriage, parcels packed by the customer must not weigh more than 30 kilos.

Transport from the UK to the Czech Republic and Slovakia takes 4 to 7 calendar days, and in the other direction it takes 8 to 17 calendar days. However, shipping may take longer in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.

From the UK to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, every week; in the other direction, every other week.

The fuel surcharge is a one-time fee charged on every order to compensate for the high market price of diesel. Its level is set every Thursday before shipment pick-up, based on the current price of diesel.

Yes you can. You will find this and other payment methods described on our How to pay for our services page.

Yes. The discount level is determined automatically based on the number of shipments transported and the total shipping weight for the most recent six calendar months. Each customer has their current discount rate displayed in their account on our website.

Yes it is. You can find up-to-date information on shipping insurance and on claims handling in our terms and conditions.

Yes. The warehouses are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5pm.

For customers like you we have a special service you can find at www.nakupyvanglicku.sk. Everything you need to know is there.

All of our drivers collecting shipments in the UK have several sizes of cardboard boxes available for sale. If you need packing material prior to collection of your shipment, you can buy it at our warehouse or via post or courier to your address in the UK. You can find a current price list on our Packing material page. This service is not available in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

In case you could not found the answer to your question, contact us on +44 (0) 845 468 4197, or info@dolphi-transport.com.