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How to pack properly

Dolphi Transport

How to pack properly

NOTICE: Dolphi Transport will bear no liability for damages you incur as a result of improper packing.

Please bear in mind that every parcel must be wrapped and prepared for transport! If you have any doubt that your package is properly prepared, contact us on +44 (0) 845 468 4197 or info@dolphi-transport.com.

If you are not able to obtain adequate packing material, please inform us well in advance and we will attempt to provide it for you.

Our staff have the right to refuse to accept unpacked items or items that do not meet the requirements of sufficient packaging.

1. Pay attention to the labelling of the shipment

In accepting your shipment, our staff will mark each item in such as fashion as to avoid identification problems. After delivery of the shipment to the warehouse, each item is marked with a label containing a bar-code and the recipient's address.

Despite this, we recommend that customers mark each item with the recipient's name and address.

2. If the weight of your consignment permits, we recommend packing everything in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes (preferably double-walled) are the best protection against damage for your shipment. Our drivers will have a number of boxes for sale in their vehicles at prices from £3.20 to £4.10 each.

Select the box size based on the contents of the parcel. Boxes which are not completely filled can be crushed, and those which are overfilled can burst.

If, despite our recommendations, you choose to send your shipment in a suitcase, rucksack or travel back, you will be charged a £3.00 fee for each item for plastic wrapping.

3. Fragile items such as dishes, ceramics or glass must be packed only in sturdy cardboard boxes!

Pack fragile items into the centre of the box, ensuring they do not touch any of the sides. Your items should be well cushioned by filler material on all sides.

We do not recommend packing fragile items in plastic or fabric bags! So-called Chinese (Turkish, Indian, etc.) bags are absolutely unsuitable for packing fragile items. If fragile items are placed in such bags, we disclaim all liability for possible damage during transport.

Please remember that the “FRAGILE” marking itself does not protect your parcel, but serves only as a warning. Parcels must, first and foremost, be well packed.

4. Electronics items must be packed in their original cardboard boxes!

Electronics such as laptops, computers, LCD TVs, mobile telephones, home theatre equipment, etc., must be placed in their original packaging.

We recommend leaving boxes containing electronics open and safely sealing them in view of our driver when he arrives to pick up your shipment.

5. Pay attention to the size and weight of the cardboard boxes!

The weight of individual parcels packed directly by the customer must not exceed 30kg. A surcharge of £10 will be applied to each package weighing more than 30kg. This fee does not apply to packages in original manufacturer packaging, where the customer cannot affect the weight of the package.

Always first try to use several smaller boxes rather than one big one!

This measure was introduced to protect the health of our staff in handling packages.

6. Bicycles must also be prepared for transport.

If the bicycle is not packaged in a cardboard box, we will transport it only on the condition that the handlebars are turned 90 degrees and the pedals are either pointing inward or completely separated from the bicycle.

We recommend wrapping lacquered parts in a suitable packing material (bubble wrap, plastic, corrugated cardboard, etc.) so that potential scratching is avoided. We also recommend protecting mechanical parts prone to damage.

7. Furniture such as cabinets and tables must be disassembled.

We transport furniture such as cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, etc. only if they are broken down into individual parts and packed in cardboard as a “flatpack”.

8. We also transport sofa sets.

All sofa sets, including those already packaged, are encased in cardboard and plastic wrap at our warehouse.

Please take note that the customer's assistance is needed in loading/unloading sofa sets, as our drivers work alone.