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Items we do not ship

Dolphi Transport

Items we do not ship

Applies only to the transport of consignments in cooperation with Parcelforce.

The following items cannot be shipped with us.
Animals Or Organisms Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead) Including Animal Parts, Real Fur, Ivory Etc.
Batteries And Items Containing Built In Batteries Like Hover Boards, Certain Phones Etc.
Biological Samples
Christmas Crackers
Compressed Air & Empty Cylinders
Drugs, Medication, Prescriptions, Tobacco And Tobacco Products
Gardening And Household Tools - Gardening And Household Tools, Unless Properly Protected
Hazardous Goods Including Aerosol, Asbestos, Ashes, Detergents, Resin, Explosives, Filth, Fire Extinguishers, Fireworks, Gas, Dry Ice, Items Containing Flammable And/Or Explosive Substances.
Illegal Goods - Including Counterfeit Goods, Counterfeit Currency And Any Items Considered Illegal In Either The Exporting Or Importing Country.
Liquids/Creams/Oils/Gel - Including Aftershaves, Alcohol, Juice, E-Cig Fluid, Water, Emulsions, Paint, Ink Etc.
Medical Equipment
Milk Powder (Formula)
Monetary/Currency Including Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Coins, Cheques, Vouchers, Tickets, Lottery Tickets, Stamps (Unless Franked) Etc.
Negotiable Documents Including Passports, Driving Licences Etc.
Oxidising Materials And Peroxides (Including Hair Dyes)
Perishable Goods - Meat, Fish, Perishable Food, Food Containing Or In Liquid Form (Items With A Short Shelf Life Or That Spoil If Not Refrigerated) (all)
White Goods (Fridges, Ovens, Freezers, Cooker Hoods, Hobs, Boiler, Washing Machines, Hot Tubs Etc)
Poisonous, Toxic Liquids, Solids Or Gases Including Pesticides
Pornographic Material And Obscene Publications
Printer Toner/ Ink Cartridges
Radioactive Materials
Scented Candles
Tyre / Wheel
Vehicle Parts - Large Vehicle Parts Including Vehicle Panels, Spoilers, Doors, Bonnets, Bumpers, Carbon Fibre, Engines, Any Car Parts Containing Oil Or Liquids, Airbags, Steering Wheels Containing Airbags, Seatbelt Tensioner Etc.
Weapons - Including Replicas, Ammunition, Axe, Blades, Chainsaws, Guns, Knives Etc.

The following items may only be transported provided that no compensation is paid for these items in the event of damage. The items below are insured only in the event of loss.
Antiques, Items Over 100 Years Old.
Coffee Machine, Coffee Grinder, Coffee Roaster
Cycles, Bicycles, Unicycles, Tricycles.
Dinner Sets
Electrical Appliances That Are Not Considered White Goods Such As Cameras, Monitors, Computers, All In One Computers, Drones, Lamps, Laptops, Scanners, TV, Projector Or Any Item Similar In Description Or Content.
Floor Boards, Laminate, Wooden Flooring
Furniture - Including Objects Such As Tables, Chairs, Desks, Beds Or Large Electronic Devices
Knitting Machine, Sewing Machine
Models, Kits
Musical Instruments Including Guitars, Amplifiers, Speakers, Turntables, Violins, Keyboards Etc. All Musical Instruments Must Be Sent In A Hard Case And Boxed.
Ornaments (Must Not Be Made From Non-Protected Materials Like Glass, Porcelain Etc.)
Suitcase - A Suitcase Will Not Be Protected If This Is Used As Packaging For Internal Items.
Telescope, Microscope
Wall Decor Items Including Canvas Prints, Clocks, Framed Pictures, Pictures, Posters, Prints, Paintings

The following items may be shipped only on condition that liability for potential damage to them is waived. Those shipping such items with us do so at their own risk.
Ceramics / Porcelain / China / Stone - Items Made Or Consisting Of Porcelain Or Similar Including Tiles, Sinks, Basins, Toilets, Baths, Concrete, Crockery, Granite, Marble, Vase, Pottery, Plates Etc.
Delicate Items
Documents (Where Not Prohibited)
Fishing Rods
Fragile Items (all)
Glass Items Of Any Type - Including Glassware, Crystal, Bulbs, Screens, Fiberglass, Fish Tanks, Mirror, Spectacles, Window, Perspex Etc.
Lights, Lighting, Lamps, Lampshades, Chandeliers Etc.
Packaging - Including The Box, Media Packaging, Suitcases/Flight Cases Used As Packaging Etc
Pewter Figures
Precious Metals And Stones - Including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Gems, Gemstones, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amber, Pearl Etc. (Including In Jewellery Form)
Shower Screen
SIM Cards (Where Not Prohibited)
Small Vehicle Parts Including Headlights, Taillights, Gearboxes, Motorcycle Parts Etc.
Stoneware, Statues, Statuettes, Marble