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Expres delivery between GB, CZE and SVK

Dolphi Transport

Expres delivery between GB, CZE and SVK

Shipment transport is suitable for:

For anyone who needs to ship a shipment quickly and does not want to wait for our regular weekly departures from the UK. For those who are out of reach of our standard service.

What we ship:

Cardboard boxes. Weight must not exceed 30kg, length must not exceed 175cm and box circumference + length must not exceed 300cm.
Formula: (height + width) *2 + length <= 300

The most common dimensions of boxes that meet the above limits: 60x60x60cm, 60x46x46cm, 52x52x51cm, 41x41x41cm, etc.

List of items we do not ship, and items which are not insured during transport.

How we transport shipments:

We transport shipments in cooperation with DPD. On the day you choose in the order, a DPD courier will arrive for your shipment between 8am and 6pm.
The shipment must be provided with an address label, which we will send you by email. Please note that it is important to be able to print an address label, so access to the printer is essential. The courier will not accept the shipment without the address label affixed.

The shipment takes 3-4 working days and the shipment is delivered again by the DPD courier. On the day of delivery, you will receive an SMS with a one-hour delivery time window.

What are shipping costs:

The price for the transport of the consignment depends on the number of boxes sent, not on the total weight. It doesn't matter if the box weighs 10kg or 30kg, the price will be the same. The price is not affected by the size of the box, provided that the dimensions do not exceed the above limits. If the weight of the box exceeds 30 kg, or the dimensions exceed the above limits, you may be charged a surcharge.

Price list - Expres delivery between GB, CZE and SVK.