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Package forwarding from UK to EU

Dolphi Transport

Package forwarding from UK to EU

Who purchase forwarding is suitable for

For all Czech and Slovak users who purchase or plan to purchase from UK e-shops.

Many vendors refuse to ship outside the UK, rendering those goods inaccessible. We help solve this problem by leasing UK addresses to European residents interested in purchasing from UK e-shops. Your orders are delivered to your UK address and then we deliver them to your real address in the EU.

What can be forwarded

Practically anything that an e-shop or consigner is able to deliver to your virtual UK address.

How purchase forwarding works

If you are interested in this service, register at www.shoppingintheuk.co.uk and you will be assigned a virtual address in the UK automatically.
Right away, you can begin shopping at selected e-shops and use the virtual address you were assigned during registration as your delivery address.
When a package arrives for you at your virtual address, you will be automatically sent a notification.
At that point, you can choose to have the package forwarded or ask to wait for multiple packages to be aggregated into a single shipment, if more are expected.

A complete description of how purchase forwarding from the UK works can be found at www.shoppingintheuk.co.uk.

What purchase forwarding costs

The full price list for purchase forwarding from the UK is published at www.shoppingintheuk.co.uk.