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Pallet delivery from UK to EU

Dolphi Transport

Pallet delivery from UK to EU

For whom is pallet transport suitable:

For EU companies that buy goods in the UK.

What pallets do we transport:

UK pallets with a floor plan of 120x100cm, or EUR pallets of 120x80cm. The maximum floor plan must not exceed 120x100cm. The height of the pallet must not exceed 200 cm, including the pallet, and the maximum weight must not exceed 1200 kg. For pallets heavier than 800 kg, it is necessary for the sender and recipient to ensure the loading/unloading of the pallet.

We do not transport pallets from Amazon Fulfillment centers. Engines or gearboxes sent on pallets must be free of oil.

The way we transport pallets:

We transport pallets in cooperation with one of the largest pallet companies - Palletways. Pallets are picked up and delivered by vehicles weighing 7.5t or 18t from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The length of transport is 4-7 working days, the service does not allow tracking of the pallet. Transport is suitable for companies and private individuals, provided that there are no traffic restrictions for vehicles over 3,5tons at the place of loading/unloading. The price for transport includes a fee for customs clearance of the pallet with a maximum of three HS codes.

What does pallet transport cost:

The price for transporting pallets depends on the weight of each pallet and its height. The maximum weight of the pallet is 1200 kg, the maximum height that we can transport is 200 cm, including the pallet itself. The floor plan of the pallet must not exceed 120x100cm.

Price list - Pallet delivery from UK to EU.