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Parcel delivery from UK to EU

Dolphi Transport

Parcel delivery from UK to EU

Shipment transport is suitable for:

Anyone who needs to transport almost any sort of shipment between the UK and Czech or Slovak Republic. It doesn't matter whether you need to ship personal items, goods from your business or items won at eBay.co.uk, we can help anyone.

What we ship:

We ship almost everything, from small parcels through multi-pallet shipments, building materials and oversize items.
For safety and the handling of the shipment, we recommend packing everything in rigid cardboard boxes. If the nature of the items prevents them being boxed, it is still necessary to pack them in such fashion as to protect them against potential damage.

If you are not sure that your shipment is adequately packed, don't hesitate to contact us.

List of items we do not ship, and items which are not insured during transport.

How we transport shipments:
  1. Within the UK one of our drivers will pick up your shipment on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. The same day, your shipment will be received at our warehouse.
  2. At the warehouse, all shipments undergo labelling and packaging inspection, and if anything is amiss it will be fixed with additional packaging.
  3. Every Tuesday morning, all shipments get loaded on to the vehicles which will deliver them from the UK to our partner's depot in the Czech Republic. The trip takes two days.
  4. On Thursday morning, shipments are unloaded from the vehicles and sorted, and then delivered the same day via regular routes to more than 30 distribution centres.
  5. The next day, the shipments are loaded on to the vehicles which will deliver them to the customer's doorstep.

From pick-up through delivery, the entire shipment takes between 4 and 7 days, depending on which day the shipment was picked up in the UK.

What are shipping costs:

With few exceptions, we calculate our prices based on shipment weight. A small number of items, such as sofa sets, have fixed prices.

Price list - Parcel delivery from GB to EU.