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Relocation from UK to EU

Dolphi Transport

Relocation from UK to EU

Who moving is suitable for

Our moving service is suitable for anyone needing to move house and their personal items from one country to another.

What can be moved

With the exception of the items listed below, it is possible to move virtually anything that can be safely packed on a pallet with a floor plan of 120x100cm and a maximum height of 200cm.

List of items we do not ship, and items which are not insured during transport.

How we move

The system we use is different than that of most moving companies. Because we try to offer our services as affordably as possible and because our drivers work alone, we need the customer's help.

Before loading onto the vehicle, our driver will weigh all of the items to be moved. They will then be received the same day at our warehouse, and all items will be safely loaded onto pallets.

The pallet is then dispatched to the recipient, where they are lowered off the vehicle using a hydraulic lift. Once again, the customer's assistance is required as the driver is only required to deliver the pallet past the first lockable door.

How much are moving costs

The price is determined as a combination of the total weight of all the items together and the number of pallets we had to use.

Price list - Relocation from UK to EU.